Do you ever feel like each weekend you say to yourself, “I’m just going to relax,” and then Sunday night rolls around and you feel more exhausted than you did on Friday? For the past several months, Chris and I have been telling ourselves that we will rest, but when the weekend comes we fill it up with chores and errands. And no matter how fun fulfilling those chores are, they’re not relaxing. The few times we have tried to relax, we feel antsy and quickly look for things that make us feel productive.

I think that we’re missing something. Maybe resting doesn’t need to mean vegging out on the couch, only raising a finger to flip through Netflix. It seems pretty silly, but I think we get so hung up on resting because that’s what it’s often looks like for us. But really, when has TV ever been restful or rejuvenating?

This past weekend, we finally decided to stick to resting for one day – and not the sit-on-the-couch sort of rest. We took the day slow, started with a cup of coffee and let the day lead us.


One of our favorite things to do together is visit the neighborhoods of Seattle, so we headed over to an unexplored part of the east side: Mount Baker. We stopped by the library to grab more books than we’ll possibly read and face a hefty fine for past due books (sorry!).

Side note: if you’re ever in Seattle visit at least one of the many libraries, they are all so beautiful! My favorite is the Central Branch, downtown.

Chris and I also love visiting new coffee shops; we both work in coffee so what else is to be expected? QED Coffee is a charming little shop with a stellar view of Seattle across the street. There are so many viewpoints to see the city from and this one is close to the best (pictured below)!

Then, a walk along Lake Washington and happy hour pizza with my boo to finish off a great afternoon.

Our day doesn’t look like fireworks and ferris wheels, but it was just the sort of thing we needed. This summer was long and difficult, so a day with a simple agenda and the two of us together couldn’t have been better!


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