Bagels for Saturday

So it’s probably time that we talk about some of the great places that Chris and I like to eat at. The first of many is Eltana, a wood-fired bagel shop. We discovered this gem a few weeks after moving here, and eating there has become a Saturday breakfast tradition.

Eltana is a Mediterranean-inspired bagel shop in the heart of Capitol Hill, sitting between Pike and Pine. They have the cutest little bagels – yes they’re small – and the most flavorful spreads. Their list includes: scallion cream cheese, fig apricot compote, almond butter, harissa hummus, spicy garlic cream cheese, etc. Now I need to be honest with you, I do not like cream cheese. I don’t even like being near it, but my love for bagels runs deep. Eltana is the perfect place for me and all you cream cheese lovers.

When we go we always stick to our favorites. We never go outside of the comfort of our perfect bagel combo. For Chris, it’s a plain bagel with scallion cream cheese (he hates onions but loves this spread). And for me, it’s  a sesame wheat bagel with almond butter. Their almond butter changed my life.

Probably my favorite part about Eltana, and what truly keeps me going back, are the weekly crossword puzzles. I love puzzles -jigsaw, sudoku, you name it – but until I went to Eltana I had never come close to getting one clue right on a crossword. Now I’m hooked, and not just on the easy-peasy ones at Eltana, but the beefy, NY Times ones too. That’s right, I’m really smart.

After we finish eating / around the time Chris gets bored of crosswording, we head a few blocks down the street to Stumptown. It’s not our favorite cafe in Seattle but they have delicious mochas! They use a liquid chocolate mixture so there’s none of that chocolate pool at the bottom of your cup and then they dust the top with some chocolate powder. Mm!

Last Saturday as we were making the trek to Stumptown we noticed that Mighty-O-Donuts is putting a new shop smack dab in the middle of Eltana and Stumptown. All great food outings include 3 stops, am I right or did I just make that up? Needless to say, pretty soon we might just have the perfect combination for a food-coma-filled Saturday: bagels, mochas, donuts.


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