Portland Getaway

Recently, Chris and I took the train down to Portland for a long weekend. This wasn’t the ordinary getaway, though – Chris was headed there for a trade show and I wanted to tag along for once. 😝

Like most of our trips, this one was centered around food and coffee. I had used Yelp to bookmark a number of places to eat and drink before we left. I probably put 5 doughnut shops on that list and am ashamed to say we didn’t visit one. Not ONE! But we had plenty of delicious meals and some ice cream.

(Excuse the lack of pictures. I’m working on being better about getting snapshots of our lives.)

For breakfast, our two favorite spots were Pine State Biscuits and Cup & Bar.

Pine State Biscuits has an amazing array of breakfast sandwiches and Southern staples, like Shrimp-n-Grits. My go-to sandwich (yes I have a go-to) is the Reggie Deluxe: Fried chicken, bacon, egg, and cheese, with gravy on the side. It’s more than enough calories for one day, but don’t I always manage to find time for lunch. This is, hands-down, one of the best breakfast sandwiches out there and a must if you’re ever in Portland.

Cup & Bar is coffee shop and chocolate “factory” with a tasteful toast menu. Really though, I don’t know that I’ve had toast that’s so fancy and delicious! Chris and I were boring, though, and had yogurt with granola and a side of cinnamon toast. But the granola did have cocoa nibs in it!

There are some great lunch places in Portland, but they were never as exciting as breakfast for us. Most days, Chris had less then an hour to eat, so we were forced to stick close to the Convention Center. Burgerville, anyone?

HOWEVER, we did sneak away for an extended lunch one day. In an unsuspecting diner, Dick’s Kitchen, we each had one of the best burgers of our lives: grass-fed beef (we’re all about that stuff), Tillamook cheddar, lettuce, onion, tomato, secret sauce (hold for me), and a sourdough potato bun. Yeah, you bet it was juicy and amazing.

The best dinner we had was so good we went back the next day for lunch. (I hope that most people who go there do the same.) Sunday night we headed over to Pok Pok on Division. The charming restaurant serves up Thai street-style food in the owner’s old house. I regret not getting a photo! Chris and I ordered the Fish Sauce Wings (a must), both spicy and not-spicy. The spicy were definitely better, but prepare yourself for them. It was actually pretty comical how spicy the wings were… still, they were better. We also ordered a coconut curry noodle dish, which was a good balance for the spicy wings. Make sure to include some sticky rice and drinking vinegar with your meal.

We didn’t spend much time checking out new coffee shops (we were at a coffee convention, after all) but we did really enjoy Dapper & Wise. It’s pleasing to the eye and… tongue? (Sorry.) We ended our trip with a mocha, to go.

Over all, our trip to Portland was a blast! It was really busy and we crammed a lot into it, but it was still nice to get away from the norm. We did other things besides eat: walk around, ride the transit, visit family, play pool, chat with old (and new) friends, and window-shop. But eating is just the most fun to write about!

Here are a few more pictures from the trip.

We ate lunch in a cute park one day.
We ate lunch in a cute park one day.
I really liked the carpet at the convention center.
I really liked the carpet at the Convention Center.
I spent most of my time knitting this scarf.
While Chris worked, I spent most of my time knitting this scarf.
Just a pretty street, fall is really here!
Just a pretty street. Fall is really here!

2 thoughts on “Portland Getaway

  1. Maybe now you can answer the age-old question:
    who has the best food/coffee scene…Seattle or Portland?
    Or do you need more research time? 🙂

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