Happiest of Holidays

Hi again, it’s been a while, but I’m back with the full force of the New Year behind me.

The holiday season has passed and I find the days (slightly) less cheerful than a month ago. I always love the lead up to Christmas: spirits are high and there is so much anticipation for family to be seen, presents to be opened, and cookies to be eaten.

Chris and I spent the Christmas holiday in California with my family. Our time there was spent working on puzzles, playing games, watching Star Wars, and making mountains of cookies. It can get a little rowdy with 8 family members in a small home, but we still manage to have fun and enjoy each other..most of the time. 😉

*Disclaimer* I am terrified of flying, so Chris and I compromised that we would fly to California and take the train back up to Seattle. On New Years Eve we boldly boarded the train that would take us to Seattle some 24 HOURS later. What kept us sane on that ride?

  • Unlimited snacks
  • Mini bottles of gin & bourbon
  • Three movies
    • The Royal Tenenbaums
    • Best in Show – just watch it!
    • Bourne Legacy
  • Books
  • Each other, obviously

Yes, we were nervous about the train but it ended up to be a lot of fun! Not to say we’ll do it on a regular basis; trains are dirty and my brother has convinced me of the great safety of airplanes.

New Year’s Day we woke (still on the train) to a blanket of snow, a sight we hadn’t seen since moving to Seattle. We plowed through the snow for hours and we were reminded of the freshness that a new year brings. God has been beyond kind to us in the last few weeks and we are excited to see how He continues to bless us in 2016.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
This one lady on the train LOVED that we were matching (me, I was embarrassed of course).

This is the time of year to make some great promises to ourselves that we are allowed to break without penalty, right? Okay then, I promise to exercise and read more. But really, I do want to do those things this year along with:

  • Blogging regularly
  • Weaving everyday
  • Learning new things

I don’t expect I’ll be perfect, but now that the world knows, the pressure is on to stick to these things. I’ll keep you posted.

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are settling back into the “rest of the year.” For me, it’s hard to give up such a romantic time so maybe I’ll leave the tree in the corner with the lights on a little longer.


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