summer goals in the (not so sunny) city

this morning i woke up to yet another gray sky. i’ve started to wonder if the sun will ever shine again on seattle. really though, this weather has my brain convinced it’s autumn.

it’s just the beginning of july and the forecast is cloudy and cool 60-some degree weather. this is not the summer I was hoping for. after a winter and spring with lots of rain, i am more than ready for some sunshine!

either way it’s summer and that means another list of goals. with the help of chris, i’ve quickly learned that goals motivate me (DUH), even the ones that are too far fetched. So here’s what i’m hoping to do this summer:

read 5 books – that’s not much of a feat i know, but i am a slow reader and have been bad about taking the time to do it

camp (at least once a month) – we got june down! It was just a quick one night camp out, but it was lots of fun! and it proved our ability to expertly (and quickly) pack for one night away.

yoga – i recently read a great blog post about sticking to exercise routines that you actually enjoy. the first thing to pop into my head was yoga, i can do that! (and easily get chris to do it too)

walk everywhere – the same is true with walking. i love to walk. get me in on a good conversation and i’ll walk for hours!

seattle center – i think we like it so much because it’s like the disneyland of the northwest. there is this fun, busy vibe. and my favorite part of seattle is the giant fountain that sits just under the space needle.

reggae saturdays – my new favorite coffee shop is in the same space as a local radio station. chris and i sip on some tasty coffee while listening to dj kid hops spin some reggae tunes.

farmer’s markets – there are tons of farmer’s markets in seattle that are only open june-october so we have to make the most of them! a new favorite: queen anne market, an old favorite: columbia city market.

canada – i don’t think this has anything to do with summer, other than i just imagine it’s really pretty up there! and, chris and i still have yet to go to Vancouver since we moved here.

outdoor movies – this is always our favorite part of summer. seattle center shows some great family-friendly movies starting july. just imagine laying in the grass watching a movie under the space needle, it’s magical.

soak up that sun! – i don’t mean tan. i mean literally get as much vitamin d from the sun that will last me the rest of the year. 😉

kayak – another thing that chris and i have not done since moving here. we have regularly gone down to lake union to sit by the water and watch the float planes take off and land. there’s tons of kayaks in the water, maybe this year we’ll join ’em!

that’s the list! excuse me now as i log out to go enjoy the sun and farmer’s market. i encourage you to do the same – list or no list.


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