mother’s day gift guide

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset Processed with VSCO with f2 presetmother’s day is just around the corner (sunday, may 13th) and if you’re like me, you’re scrambling to find the right gift. i’ve always longed to be the type of person who gives the perfect, super-personal gift, but in reality i’m the person who stresses about getting a gift so much so that i don’t end up buying anything – how bad is that?! maybe let’s just keep that fact between us.

but, i’m not about to keep up with that habit. this mother’s day i’ve found what i think is the perfect gift.

in case you are like the old me, i’m sharing a short list of gift ideas, some are unique and others are like, no duh, but thanks for the reminder.

for the plant mama
does your mom have a green thumb? are you like me, and think plants are the most perfect gift (hint, hint)?

grab your mom a plant baby from the sill.

the sill is an online plant store that ships plants to your home. they offer both unpotted and potted plants, so there is something for everyone’s price point. their plants range in size from 1 inch (air plant) to 9 inches (rubber tree) and all have detailed care guides.

if you or your mom are new to plants check out their beginner’s list.

for the health mama
looking to splurge on your mom and help her keep up with all the greatest fads? maybe you should buy her an essential oils kit.

i know i said fad, but young living essential oils are anything, but a fad. i’ll save my soapbox speech for another time, but really, these oils are life-changing and your mom deserves them!

if you go this route let me know and i will get you a discount!

for the chef mama
is your mom still teary-eyed over the end of fixer upper? cheer her up with the new magnolia table cookbook!

and let’s be real, this is the gift that keeps on giving when your mom whips up some homemade biscuits for you.

grab the book from target and you’ll get exclusive content that can’t be found elsewhere.

for the scholar mama
does your mom prefer a gripping novel to a tv show? if so, check out book of the month club.

i’ll be honest i’ve never subscribed to this club myself, but i’ve thought about it many times. you can gift your mom 3, 6, or 12 months of some page-turning goodness.

it’s pretty simple in how it works, each month your mom gets to pick from 5 books, and the winning one is shipped to her door.

if you’re lucky, she might share the book with you!

okay, i did promise some “no duh” gift ideas also. so here they are…

if you live close by your mom check out whole foods or trader joe’s for some fun flower options. maybe test your creativity by buying a few different flower varieties and creating your own bouquet.if your mom doesn’t live close by, check out these online flower sources:

if you want to go real basic, get your mom a card. some kind words go a long way with moms!

i like to check out local stores for unique cards, but etsy and paper source are always safe bets.

alright, if you are still unsure about what to buy your mom for mother’s day, then check out these hip guides:

i hope these ideas help to shower your mama with love this mother’s day. now tell me, what are you planning on getting your mom?


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